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Meet the Inflatable Derby Racers!

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Pick your favorite or favorites now and reserve your ticket @ $75 each!

Winning ticket holders earn bragging rights, a photo in the winners circle with a live jockey, and your choice of either an elusive bottle of Blantons Original Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey with unique racing-themed cork or an exclusive bottle of Rosé Veuve Clicquot champagne.

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You need to play to win. Reserve your $75 ticket now and be part of the action later. Help put the fun in fundraising. Note: Tickets are limited, and winning ticket holders are limited to one prize. You are free to reserve tickets for all runners. The winner will be announced at the Gala event. 


  Polar Express

This icy competitor's favorite day is spent away from the heat, fishing for calamari and chicken. Watch out Krack-a-Lackin and Chicken Little!


Puff the Manic Dragon

The nervous Puff is weaning themselves off of smoking, manically chewing gum and maintaining a frenetic pace. Their biggest fear is getting caught up with cousin Wrex.


Rollin' Wrex

The wee armed Rollin' Wrex spends days hoping to come across some tasty critters (like their fellow racers) and staying away from meteorites and deep thought.


Rain Bo Unicorn

The ever bubbly Bo idles away their time chasing rainbows and butterflies and avoids days away from days without sunshine.


Chicken Little

The wandering chick lives in fear of most anything including bears, dinausaurs and dragons and hoping the the sky is not falling. To sustain themselves they are on the lookout for a peck of this and a peck of that.



The loving Krack-A-Lackin' rules the seas and is on the constant lookout for some tasty "fish & ships" and a good hug.

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