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Membership at EBAC Auxiliary

Membership in EBAC Auxiliary appeals to individuals who care about children’s welfare and education and in all stages of their lives and careers.  It also appeals to volunteers interested in the camaraderie of working with other like-minded individuals toward a common goal in a well-run, effective organization with a proven track record of success.  The EBAC Auxiliary has a Board of Directors and a core group of dedicated active members, but we are always looking for new members who want to offer their time and talent to make a meaningful difference.  One current member of the Auxiliary also now serves on the EBAC Board of Directors.


Membership Responsibilities:


  1. Attend monthly auxiliary meetings

  2. Minimum of three meetings annually

  3. Participate on a Gala committee 

  4. Purchase a minimum of one ticket for the Gala ($300 per ticket)

  5. Pay annual dues ($50 for members, $60 for associate members)

Membership: Values
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